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Desert Mob - Desart

  • Arulan Arts Centre Alice Springs Australia (map)

Three days, three events, for artists, arts workers and arts lovers. A total immersion in the artwork and stories of Aboriginal art from the desert! An Exhibition, Symposium, and MarketPlace.

Jimmy: At Desert Mob this year, we’re going to have the men’s paintings, with mine and Joseph’s traditional artefacts alongside. I might have a karlala (spear), and Yugi (Joseph) here might have his wartilkirri (number-7). The name we’re giving this is wanjjal payinti. It means past and present. The traditional men’s artefacts, and the more modern art these fellas do on the board. That’s something new, but it’s still men’s cultural expression. It tells the story of us mob – who we are. Yumurlalki (old) culture and pantalki (new) culture. It’s good that the art has taken off, but it’s really about the men maintaining and carrying their culture. It’s a way of telling apparr ankinyi (our story) and expressing our culture. Because I believe that culture is what gives us mob, wumpurani kari (Aboriginal people), our identity. And art is one way of telling that apparr (story). But also to carry it on for marlala (young people), you know, so that they can know who they are.

Joseph: I believe we can be role models for those young fellas. Seeing us do good things, and they can be yawuru (happy) and proud that our culture is warnkar (alive). Yes, a living culture – and they might get interested that way. They can join in whenever they want to, milamilajinyijiki (learn from us).

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