Featured Artist: Dion Beasley

Dion was born in Alice Springs and spend his early years in communities around the Barkly Region, Northern Territory. Dion has lived in Tennant Creek for the past fourteen years, but continues to love visiting outlying communities where dogs play an integral part of community life. Possessing great observational skills and a wonderful memory, Dion confidently reproduces aerial drawings of the communities as well as images of the many dogs he has encountered over the years. Being an avid fan of Google Mapping, Dion has an enviable knowledge of the geographical features surrounding Tennant Creek.

Although being profoundly deaf, Dion has used his remarkable drawing skills to communicate his daily experiences with others. Many hours of the day or night are spent by Dion drawing and redrawing his favourite dogs. Some of their exploits from many years ago are patiently recreated by Dion. All features of the dogs are accurately reproduced and particular care taken with precise colouring.

A motorised scooter provides Dion (who has muscular dystrophy) with the independence to travel around Tennant Creek on his own. He delights in daily visits to a community where many of his much loved dogs wait patiently for a titbit of meat. Many hours are spent sitting and watching the dogs and their interaction with one another, resulting in inspiration for further art pieces. Dion also spends time making 3D models of small community areas and hundreds of cut-out paper dogs. 

Dion loves swimming and travelling and has visited most capital cities in Australia. He has great plans for the future and would love to visit Africa to see all the exotic animals, which would provide great inspiration for his artwork. 

Dion has a great sense of humour, is creative and ever curious about the world around him. 

Come along to Dion’s upcoming exhibition!